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Zion Ezri

Growing up in an artistic home surrounded by artworks, as his family where collectors, Zion Ezri developed a deep appreciation for art early on.

Zion Ezri’s artistic journey began in the late of ’90s when he lived and studied in NYC. The city’s vibrant art scene sparked his creativity. On weekends, he explored the city’s flea markets and visited open space art galleries to see the latest art exhibitions, which greatly influenced his work.

Zion is a self-taught artist deeply involved in art and design. His is inspired by the Bauhaus movement, pop art icons, and ancient letters.

Recently, his artistic vision has grown, resulting in a unique collection of 3D wall and free-standing sculptures in his distinctive design. These artworks include totems, robots, mask figures, old hebrew artworks and more.

Born in Jerusalem in 1971, Zion’s academic background includes a Bachelor of Science from NYC and a Master of Law from Bar llan, marking the start of his adventurous, art-filled journey.

“My childhood memories of playing with and fixing robot toys have shaped my creative vision and unique style. Inspired by the pop art world and Bauhaus Design, I bring new artworks to life from

these experiences—I believe, “Life is Art”.

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