Uri Seligman


Uri Seligman was born in Tel-Aviv and is a member of the Interior Architect Association in Israel. As an architect and interior designer, Seligman is known for his state of the art work in residential development, and in luxury private residences. On of his latest achievements is the design of the prestigious Neeman Tower, a luxury apartment complex in North Tel Aviv. Over the course of his career as an architect, Seligman has developed a unique artistic voice, while retaining an eye for 3-dimensional structures. The geometric abstract along with strong dominent colors are the central motifs in Seligman’s work. His latest work combines numerous 3D clorful canvas boxes to reveal a striking holistic image. Seligman’s artwork has found its place in main international art exhibitions and private art collections around the world.


2004 Migdaley Neeman 2006 Art-Time Gallery 2007 Artexpo NY 2007 Art Las Vegas 2008 Lineart Belgium 2009 UJC, New York