Sonia Drabkin


Born in Antwerp, Belgium in 1961, Drabkin grew up in an environment surrounded by art, literature and beauty. At the age of eleven she was awarded a prize by Fabiola, the Queen of Belgium. She celebrates a vision of the world in which the imagination is set free. She creates paintings where reality is like a dream in search of the inner self’s authentic voice. She aspires to express her ideas, experiences and emotions in a symbolic and surreal manner. Drabkin’s art is heavily influenced by surrealism. As with artists of this style who precede her, her sources lie in Paris of the 1920s. It was only in the early 1990s that Drabkin started to paint and reveal her unique style. Her complex symbolic world reveals fascinating stories and an all-encompassing love of life. Her use of bright sun-drenched primary colors strengthens her affinity to childhood: sky blue, strong yellow, brash red, as well as vital green. When the painting dives into the subconscious, deep blues, purples and emerald green appear, all full of mystery.


2004 Michigan 2004 Artexpo NY 2004 Art Time, Israel 2007 Art Expo New York 2007 Art Vigo Spain 2007 Art Las Vegas 2008 Lineart Belgium 2008 ArtExpo Toronto 2009 UJC, New York