New “Nelson Mandela” Sculptures


Born in 1951, in Haifa, Israel, Yuval Mahler’s artworks have been shown in museums, galleries and exhibitions in many countries in the world.  For the last 10 years, he is represented exclusively by the premier modern pop-art Art-Time Gallery Israel. Yuval Mahler’s artistic tribute to Nelson Mandela as a “Freedom Fighter” for us all is powerfully represented in his original and newest colorful fiberglass pop-art sculpture.  We include this Mandela sculpture in our “Icons of Our Time” collection of personalities we respect and admire.  The “Icons” collection includes the greatness of Einstein, Ben Gurion, Chairman Mao, Charlie Chaplin and Andy Warhol who we thank for their profound influence on our life.

Mandela, as portrayed in this modern pop-art edition is a revolution in itself.  Just as he changed the world to witness a generation of democracy,  pop art also revolutionized the way we “see the world”.  Mandela was a great fan of boxing and used it to keep fit and give him strength in his long quest.  As he stated in his autobiography,”Boxing is egalitarian.  In the ring age, rank, color and wealth are irrelevant.”  Nelson Mandela had a long enduring and loving relationship with the Jewish South African community and they likewise embraced him for his humanitarian beliefs.

Yuval Mahler’s collection of these unique sculptures are not only stunning but also intelligent in their approach to art and idealism found exclusively in the Art-Time Gallery Israel.